Kamis, 22 September 2011

my message for Demi lovato

hiii guys iini pesan gue or surat mungkin..
surat kecil ini pernah gue kirim ke Demi melalui Social Network tapi maaf gue nggak bisa kasih tau apa nama SN nya.
krna ini rahasia man.. eheh..
gue kirim ini ..
"Demi im a big fans of you. I was so fascinated with you. You are very beautiful voice makes me calm my heart and spirit awe. A smile is amazing youre very beautiful. Youre face is glowing like irradiate my face. Your works very remarkable. Your song. Youre very beautiful . Youre nature is very wise im very inspired to you. The words youre very beautiful it is very meaning ful. I want to meet you. But is it possible ? I juust want you to know i want to see you..
I like you .. Youre my inspiration make me change become better.. :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-) :-):-)"

Demi bales..

"Oh my gosh, that's the sweetest thing I've ever read. Thank you so much for your sweet words, you're amazing. Your support means everything to me and I couldn't appreciate it more. Thank you so much. Meeting is not impossible! Sending much love right back to you.

ohhh my gosh gue bener2 seneng bgd saat itu nggak bisa banyangin apa yg gue rasain saat itu.. meski ada rsa sdih,seneng dll..

tapi gue akan berusaha gue pasti bsa bicara dgn Demi secara langsung.. :)

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